The Honeymoon Part I: Overcoming the Honeymoon Curse


Todd and I arrived back in town Saturday evening after an amazing honeymoon in the nation’s capitol. I have been looking forward to the opportunity to quietly write and relive some of my favorite moments of our trip.

Todd and I planned our honeymoon around my school schedule, which is unfortunate but that is how things are for us for the next few years until I finish. Fortunately our wedding date fell just a few weeks before Thanksgiving which meant I would have enough time off for a proper honeymoon. We were gone 9 wonderful days. We had both been looking forward to our honeymoon for months. We had dinner reservations at all the best spots in the city, plans for everyday and cocktails for almost every night. Neither one of us usually likes such a detailed itinerary when vacationing but for our honeymoon we did not want to leave anything to chance. It was a good thing because the city was busy and the food was worth the extra trouble of a reservation.

While prepping and planning for the big trip I told Todd something jokingly that I had crossed my mind.. Of the few friends our age that I have personally known that have gotten married the majority of them have had bad experiences on their honeymoons. Either they fought the entire time or one of them became deathly ill (literally, she contracted a parasite) or something about the location or hotel was not great, in one case the honeymoon never even happened. I have always thought of it as the honeymoon curse. I wondered if it is like the wedding where you put so much pressure on this one thing, whether it be a special day or a trip in this case, to be “perfect” that any deviation from the ideal would equate to a massive disappointment?

Todd and I play this game, it’s a game of scenarios to explain things that we do not know the answer to. For example, Lucy is afraid of mylar balloons so, upon discovering this, we played the scenario game to come up with explanations for why she has this fear. Examples were maybe her former owners were demented clowns that would pop balloons in her face for fun, or maybe her former family was whisked away by a big mylar balloon never to be seen again and that is how she became an orphan. It is all in fun, the intent is to come up with the wildest scenario to explain the event.

After telling him about the honeymoon curse we started playing the scenario game, what is the worst thing that could happen on our honeymoon? My favorite was that I would be bit by a rabid sewer rat while boarding the metro that when then cause me to go crazy leading to me trying to climb the Washington monument which would result in me being shot down by some government agency thus rendering Todd a widower doomed to eat cereal for dinner for the rest of his life. A very sad scenario indeed. Well it was our good fortune that nothing so fantastic took place on our trip however, I did develop a nasty cold. This did not come as a shock to Todd or myself. I have always had a weak immune system, if anyone within a five-mile radius is sick I too will soon fall into their plight.

It was of little concern though. Aside from the occasional nose blowing it was completely manageable. Todd took off for the grocery as soon as we arrived at our brown stone while I unpacked and the rest of the trip I medicated my cold into submission. I was delighted that my cold was the only hiccup of our otherwise magnificent trip. With a few minor aches and pains persisting after we got home Todd drew me a hot aromatherapy bath. As I laid in the hot water soaking up the vapors of eucalyptus and mint I thought to myself, how lucky am I? How lucky are we? It made me think of the quote by Jane Austen, I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve. I do not know how I could ever deserve him or this life but I am thankful and will try to accept that my life is actually this good.


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