It’s happening!

It is official, we are in wedding week! So excited to be able to say that! After today my schedule is clear and I can just relax and spend time with all of our out of town guests that start arriving as of tomorrow. The weekend was busy! Starting Thursday it was nonstop.

Friday was my last girls night before the big day. We had a blast and two of my girls stayed over which was fun.

Saturday Todd and I had our last date night before being married and we both agreed it was one of the best so far! The new performing arts center downtown completed construction and it was open to the public this weekend so we went and checked it out. It is stunning. There are three different stages, multiple cocktail lounges and a ballroom. We were impressed. After the tour we walked to dinner near the lake, we had reservations at a new restaurant that opened in September. It is by far and away our new favorite restaurant downtown. Everything was delicious, we are hoping they do well, we will certainly be going back in the future.

Sunday was spent cleaning getting ready for our guests this week and today I have a few assignments to finish.

It feels very surreal that at the end of the week we are getting married. My professor made an announcement to the class about my impending nuptials at the end of class last week (I had informed her why I would not be present this week and she got really excited). Everyone started applauding and congratulating me, I was 1. mortified (that was way too much attention for me) and 2. a bit dumbfounded. Hearing someone else say the words “Jill is getting married next week”.. It all still doesn’t feel completely real.

I am quite sure this week is going to wiz right by us and in a blink I will be a wife. I feel like I am in a daze of excitement and disbelief. I just hope I am able to soak everything up this week.



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