School and Memorial day weekend



Grades are starting to roll in. On my first exam in my online class I received an 88. I was sure I got an A so I was slightly let down but I know better than to turn my nose up at a B. My writing assignments have both returned grades of 100, very pleased in that regard.

The weekend was a flash of sun and water and shopping and parties, we are exhausted, the good kind. I can barely remember back to Friday but I know Todd was off. Oh yeah, it was a low-key day, we cleaned and ran some errands mainly. Todd got me new summer flowers for my planter in front of our house so Lucy and I spent some time in the afternoon in the front yard planting.

I had to explain to Todd that the flowers/plants in the planter are seasonal, to be changed with the season. In the spring we bought these adorable ornamental cabbages that were perfect for Easter, very “Peter Cotton Tail”. I have never planted ornamental cabbages before however, so I was not aware of what they become if left to go unchecked. They grow tall with few leaves around the stock and look like a poodle tail coming out of the dirt, long skinny tail with a poof at the end. Quite ridiculous really. Todd doesn’t understand about changing the flowers with the seasons. I like Mums for fall, Poinsettia for winter, something green or pink for spring and something vibrant like a red for summer. After I explained that planters are not for permanent plants and he saw the sad and unusual state of the cabbages he agreed it was time for something new. After some time outside planting we took Lucy for a walk to the ice cream shop in town and had an ice cream.

Saturday we spent the entire day at the beach. My two cousins play volleyball, they played in high school, on club teams in college (as UCF did not have a men’s team) and now one of them coaches professionally at high school level. Saturday there was a huge volley ball tournament at the beach so we went to watch.The boys were playing together and my cousin’s girlfriend was playing with one of her friends as well. My cousin’s did well in the beginning, winning their first three matches but then the sun and physical exertion caught up with them. They won one more match before losing. My cousin’s girlfriend made third in the tournament for women. It was fun watching everyone play and it was the perfect day for the beach, not a cloud in the sky.

Sunday was a pool party and BBQ. We took Lucy and she swam in the pool, we were shocked. It threatened of rain later in the afternoon but never followed through. It ended up being a nice reprieve from the heat.

Today was another quiet day. We did start our wedding registry though. This has not been a high priority for us. We really don’t have a need for anything. We have been living together for over two years and both were pretty well equipped with “stuff” before ever moving in together. Our registry is just an opportunity to maybe upgrade some of what we already have. We have only registered at one store so far, that was overwhelming enough for one day. When we reviewed our registry later we realized it looked pretty skimpy but we decided to leave it. We are not going to register for traditional registry items that we just do not need, it doesn’t make sense.

For example, the person assigned to us at the store was really trying to sell me on the KitchenAid mixer. She was attempting to entice me with its wide array of colors and while yes, I think their colorful vintage style is charming, for me it is completely impractical. I do not bake. I do not enjoy baking in the least and have no interest in cleaning that thing. I have a hand mixer that I use once a year to make Todd’s birthday cake, it is a breeze to clean and it works just fine.

Then it was the margarita maker, Um it’s called a blender. Or the ice cream maker, I will admit we considered this one for a moment, but ultimately No. We would not use it enough to warrant the amount space it would occupy in a cabinet. If I am going to be frivolous it will be with design items like area rugs or throw pillows, not small appliances that take up valuable kitchen cabinet real estate. We did register for a nice set of sheets and bath towels that I would never dream of spending the money on, to us that was a splurge. I am sure the person helping us found us to be quite dull. I see the value in a nice set of bath towels for when guests come over though and I see the value in plush sheets. These are things that will be used where as the beautiful KitchenAid mixer will become an art piece collecting dust in my kitchen.

I am sure every couple is different when it comes to this aspect of wedding planning. This part, like so many others in the planning process, is all about personal taste.

All in all it was a nice weekend. The bulk of the weekend was busy so I am glad we had one day to decompress.


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