Company Calls

I can  not say with certainty but it sounds as though Todd’s parents may be coming for a visit tomorrow. Arrival and departure time are usually vague when they com to visit because they drive which means they are able to come and go as they feel. I am excited. I already have the house presentable for guests but I do need to finish removing all the wedding odds and ends from the guest room. Our guest room has acted as storage for everything wedding related these many months. I am hoping we will have a chance to get out to a beach while they are in town, so long as the weather is nice of course.

My dad reminded me over the weekend that we are exactly (or were on that particular day) 8 months out from the wedding. It is hard for me to believe. It still feels a bit surreal to me. As a woman this, becoming married, is something you think about for so long. In every serious relationship you have you think, “could he be the one?”. More often than not the answer is No. For the answer to finally be yes and know that in less than a year I will be changing my name and promising my devotion to someone for the rest of my life, it’s just hard to believe it is actually happening.

It took a while for the newness of being engaged to wear off, now it feels normal. This will be the same I am sure. I am so looking forward to it though.

Well it is another beautiful sunny day so I think Lucy and I will go for a run before setting in to start my chores for the day.


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