Weekend recap and an important letter

It has been a busy weekend, the weekends when Todd has Friday off always are. We took Lucy to her first appointment with the vet where we found out she has a cold. Poor thing is now on three different medications and has to have her ears flushed twice a week. On the bright side it means she gets a special treat twice a day that her pills are hidden in so she hasn’t minded the too much. After the vet appointment we took her to the dog park near downtown, she had a blast. It is 23 acres and is on a lake. She and the other dogs chased each other on the beach and splashed in the water, it was cute. Todd had an appointment downtown at 2:00 so we had lunch at an outdoor, doggy friendly, restaurant and then walked around the lake downtown until he had to go. Lucy and I spent the next hour sitting by the lake under the trees waiting for Todd. I read while she napped.

When we got home I showered, changed and got ready to run out the door to meet my girlfriend for dinner and then a night out together. On my way out the front door I checked the mail box and found a letter addressed to myself from UCF. THIS WAS IT, THE LETTER I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR! I ran back inside, found Todd and opened the letter. I read half of the first line out loud, “Dear Jill I am writing you to officially acknowledge your acceptance..” I dropped the letter and leaped into Todd’s arms. After putting me back down again he picked up the letter and finished reading it out loud to me. By far the best moment I have experienced since becoming engaged. I found myself wishing I could bottle that feeling again. I have to make some appointments, set up orientation and sign up for classes but that’s it, I am in! As of this summer I will officially be studying Social Work at UCF. It is a wonderful feeling to finally be here. I cannot wait to get started.

So now running 20 minutes late to get to my friend’s house I floated out the front door and started driving to my friend’s house. Luckily she only lives 5 minutes away and she is also in walking distance to everything. I made it there with time to spare before we had to be at the restaurant for our reservation so we shared some wine and celebrated my news. We had dinner at the tapas restaurant near her house and then walked back to her place to catch a cab downtown. It was a great night. We ran into a bunch of people we know, it seemed like everyone was out.

Saturday Todd assembled bookshelves while I cleaned. Once we were both finished we drove out to my parents house by way of the dog park. We spent the rest of the night playing with the kids, the dogs and then playing cards.

Today has been a lazy day around the house, the best kind of Sundays. We did some more chores, I stocked the new shelves with books and picture frames and made our list for the grocery. Todd and Lucy are napping now,  then we will go to the grocery and come home and grill.

I am contented and grateful heart and soul in this moment. Life is good and I am thankful.


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