Little Lucy


This little girl came into our lives over the weekend and we could not be happier. We rescued Lucy from the Humane Society Saturday. She is happy and energetic, dispositions that the boxer breed is known for, she is also incredibly gentle and surprisingly well-behaved.

After we left the shelter we drove out to my parent’s house and let her play in their backyard with the family pug, Scout. They had a blast, although Lucy did mow Scouty down once or twice on accident. Then my brother, sister-in-law and the kids came over. Isaac and Lucy were running buddies the rest of the day. Isaac is always looking for someone to race with, Lucy was more than happy to oblige. Isaac managed to get mowed down once too, he thought that was hilarious.

Sunday we got up at 7 and went on a nice long walk by way of the grocery . We spent the rest of the day in the backyard working and my parents came over in the afternoon to help. Todd and I are both quite impressed with Lucy’s manners. She is such a sweet girl. Good on a leash, good in the car, does not get on the furniture, knows how to sit, stay and shake.. Someone clearly put their time in training her.

We’re very excited about Lu joining the family.


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