Tell me why you would be a good fit

I completed my application for the social work program today. I am glad to have it finished. It was pretty generic, name, DOB, past school and work information etc and then a section for short answer questions.

It took me a few days before I was ready to sit down and work through the short answer questions for a few reasons;

1. I don’t write well on command. When given a prompt or when being timed I seize up a bit. I write from the gut, whatever hits me and feels right at the time. I feel stifled when told what to write about as if inspiration can be handed to you in such a manner. Well it can’t.

2. I wanted to give myself time to really marinate on what was being asked. I needed to collect my thoughts and determine the direction in which my writing would take me.

Essentially what they are asking is what every organization asks, “Why should we pick you?”

This question makes me uncomfortable. The whole idea of having to sell myself to someone else makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I usually allow my actions to speak for themselves but I recognize in this situation where I am still just a candidate vying for a spot I have to plead my case.

I got through it. I focused initially on my family background and the environment in which I was raised as a way to ease into my own introduction.

Tomorrow I will get everything turned in and then the waiting game begins. This is, for me, the most important answer of any I have waited on in regards to my education. Being accepted into the Social Work program is what I have been working towards over the last 2 years. I received my AA diploma in the mail this week and as good as it felt to finally have something to show for the work I have done it still felt like just a small part of a bigger picture. It has been a lot of build up and I am nervous. Quite nervous indeed.

I am so close to reaching this goal and the anticipation once I turn in the final forms will be almost too much to bear. This goal has been on the horizon for so long I am excited to finally meet it and then set the next goal of graduating with my BSW. Then the next, graduating with my MSW. Then the next, becoming licensed and so on.

More than anything else I am ready to be hands on again. It has been two weeks since I have finished work and although it has been a welcome break I miss the patient interaction and want to be involved in something meaningful again. I have been considering volunteering with Hospice until class begin. I have always wanted to volunteer with hospice and now seems right time.



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