It’s hard to pick a favorite


fav   I am a believer in favorites. I say “favorites” plural not only because it was appropriate for the context of the previous sentence grammatically but also because I believe in multiple favorites. Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one thing that means more than another. For example, if asked my favorite color I will reply without hesitation it is yellow. There is not another color I like quite as much. But for most things how could one possibly pick one favorite?

For me favorites normally consist of short list of items that I equally like more than other items in the same category. Again, an example would be, favorite band. My favorite “oldies” band is Simon and Garfunkel, I listen to them all the time. I think their music is still incredibly relevant and find it calming. I also love As Tall As Lions and City and Colour just as much. In high school it would have been Jimmy Eat World and The Jealous Sound. These bands make the top of my list because their music is consistently good, no dud albums where any of them strayed too far from what made me love them in the first place. As well as the fact that each of these bands acted as the soundtrack to a certain time in my life, City and Colour being the most recent. I’ve been listening to them for the last 5-6 years roughly.

Another real example of how I deal with favorites is how I planned my side of the wedding party. I have three best girlfriends, I have known each of them for varied measurements of time and I have a very special relationship with each of them that unique to that person. There is no “maid of honor” at my wedding. I would not begin to know how to make that decision. The truth is, the decision to have three bridesmaid and not single anyone out has worked out beautifully. All three of my girlfriends have niches that lend themselves to certain aspects of the wedding. One of my girlfriends, the one I go out with downtown most frequently, volunteered (quite enthusiastically I might add) to plan the bachelorette party. Godsend because I could careless about that. Another one of my girlfriends will be doing the speech at the wedding, and another will be the one that is holding my hand talking me off the ledge when my anxiety kicks up knowing all eyes will be on me. How could I pick a favorite? I am lucky enough to have three wonderful girls to love and who love me, there is no favorites in love.

At the end of every weekend, usually Sunday night when Todd and I are laying in bed before sleep sets in, I ask what his favorite part of the weekend is. I like to have something nice to think about when falling asleep, I’ve always been that way I like to think helps me not have bad dreams. Todd usually has a difficult time with this, picking one thing that is. I don’t really care if he says one thing or rambles off a list, I just like to reminisce about the things we enjoyed together.

Tonight Todd and I are going on with one of my girlfriends and her husband as well as one of my guy friends. We are going to one of the local bars near Lake Ivanhoe where we live. While I was in the shower getting ready for the evening I was thinking back about my day and thinking how it would be virtually impossible to pick a high point in the day. The entire day has been a high point.
This morning we woke up early and laid in bed talking for a while before getting up and going to the grocery. Once home from the store we made breakfast together and I made coffee then we watched an episode of our latest Netflix binge, Dexter. After breakfast we went on a bike ride all over College Park. Once home again we had our separate alone time, Todd watched documentaries in the office while I folded laundry and watched the end of Project Runway and the beginning of Tim Gunn’s new show. (I love Tim Gunn, I will watch anything he is does).  Later I put on the City and Colour station and reorganized the entire pantry and cupboards in the kitchen. (Getting engaged/married equates to getting stuff, I have had to make room). After some time apart we washed the dishes while Todd told me about the documentary he had just finished. We then made dinner together, kabobs. He cut the meat and I cut the veggies while continuing our discussion about the documentary. After dinner we watched the Daily Show while I gave myself a manicure. Now I have a few minutes of quiet time again while Todd showers.

On paper it sounds like a run of the mill mundane day, but with the right person, it is the definition of happiness and contentment. I look forward to a life of never being able to pick favorites with him.


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