Coming up for air

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy. Between work, school and recent social activities we have had enough time left over to get caught up with chores and maintain our sleep schedule. That is it.

I have not had enough quiet time recently to let the musings floating around in my head fully develop so I have no insightful words to share at the moment, but soon. They are up there, they just need more time to form.

In the interim I will give a quick update on things. Work is going along well and I am feeling incredibly fulfilled, however exhausted at the end of the day.

About the same can be said for school. I am sitting at a high B. It would be an A but truth be told I have slipped a little on getting my HW done. I got an A on my last test though so I am not overly concerned.

Last was a busy one with work, school and the holiday not to mention that half way through the week we made an impromptu visit to the ER. Nothing major, and everyone is now fine.

I do miss my quiet time a bit but I am happy that I am filling that time with patient interaction. I am really happy right now. I feel fulfilled in every aspect of my life as it is in this moment.


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