we may not get fall but we get Flame trees


The weather has finally changed here in Central Florida. Of course all us locals know better than to get excited though, the first bout of cool weather is always temporary. It will come for a day to let us know what we are missing and then it will be gone again returning us to the 90 degree weather we are accustomed. For today, and the last few days, it has been beautiful though. This morning we decided to get up early for a bike ride around town. Before we moved into the new house we rode our bikes all over the east side of College Park. Now that we live on the west side of town it was time to go exploring, we had just been waiting for nicer weather.

It was a great ride. We discovered a lake we had not been by before and all knew beautiful houses we had never seen. The whole time talking together about the vision of our dream home. Last week I noticed Chinese flame trees are in bloom. This morning on our bike ride it seemed as though every other yard had a Chinese flame tree in it. Everywhere were spectacular pink blooms. In Florida we do not get a traditional fall, no real color change to speak of, and this has always been something I don’t like about living here because I feel like I am missing out on something really beautiful. Today on our bike ride I was thinking, “well maybe we don’t get the red and orange leaves but at least we get flame trees”. They are similar to Golden Rain trees which are also stunning when they bloom and because both trees have lantern-like seed pods that fall and spread where there is one of these trees there is usually many.

Last night we stayed in and watched scary movies. I had a long day at work and was not in the mood to go out. Fridays are always busy because inevitably we will get a handful of “stat” patients that cause our schedule to run behind. We don’t mind it, it just makes for a busier day. On the topic of work, it is going great. I am right back into the swing of things and am very happy with the work I am doing.

This weekend we will get some yard work done, I have homework and studying to get through along with the usual chores. That is all fine with me, the week is so loud with ringing phones and constant conversations I look forward to the quite on the weekends. Tonight we are going to a costume party though. Todd is dressing up as a doctor, again. He does not like to dress up so a few years back my girlfriend that works in medical as well got him a pair of the standard scrubs and a disposable stethoscope. This is his go-to costume when forced to dress up. I on the other hand love to dress up, specifically I love to wear wigs. I think they are so fun, I have a bunch in a wide array of colors. Tonight I am doing blue with black highlights and I am dressing up in my candy land costume. I wore it a few years back and have not worn it since. It was custom-made so it would be nice to get a few wears out of it, tonight is the perfect opportunity.


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