Post 101: A look back

A little over a year after I started this blog I am at my 101st post. So much can happen in a year, I don’t think I ever really appreciated the truth in that statement until I began documenting my life in this way.  In one years time..

I left a job

Returned to school full-time

Completed my AA

My brother and his family moved back to FL

I have had 3 colds and the flu

I have read roughly 8.5 novels (I have a tendency to pick some up and put them down)

Landed on the Dean’s list as well as the President’s list for my grades

Completed my college math courses once and for all

Cut all of my hair off

I have written 3 research papers

Done 40+ hours of volunteer work

Attended one funeral

Participated in one wedding

Become engaged

Todd and I moved into the house we will start our future in together

We have taken 7 vacations

Celebrated one anniversary

Not to mention too many girls nights, date nights, family gatherings and card nights to count.

It was a good year. I have been lucky to have a few of those in the recent past. I have a feeling that isn’t something that will be changing either and for that I am grateful. A lot has changed in me as a person in the last year as well and I am equally grateful for that. I am more excited than I have ever been for the year ahead of me. The next 100 posts see me turning 30, returning to work temporarily, various events leading up to and including my wedding day, the start of the social work program I have been impatiently anticipating and who knows what else. After all, it isn’t as if I can predict the future. Whatever lies ahead of me I at least know with certainty I am on the right path. I think that is about all a person can ask for really.