An archaic notion

I got to school early today thanks to no traffic on the highway this morning. While I waited for class to start I attempted to review the chapter, this proved to be difficult because of a loud conversation taking place right behind me. Normally I am pretty good at focusing in and ignoring background noises when I am trying to read but one of the girls that sits behind me has a very distinct high-pitched nasally voice that is near impossible to block out. So I, as well as every other person in ear shot, was forced to listen to these two nitwits talk about their favorite TV shows. What was worse was the titles they were discussing! It’s bad enough you are distracting me from studying but to have to listen to someone gush about why whatever revenge TV show is the best around, gag. Revenge? Really? I cannot believe there is a “reality” TV show devoted to seeking revenge.

The premise for the show sounds like absolute garbage, “You were mean to me 10 years ago when I was 13 so I lost a lot of weight to prove I am better than you and now I am going to humiliate you in front of the nation!”

What does this really prove?

1. That you (the revenge seeker) are petty and small-minded. – Stop blaming others for your lot and live the life you have. You don’t like where you are? Change it.

2. That your self-worth is attached to your outward appearance. – It is a shame that as women so many of us buy into the notion that someone is more or less worthy based on superficial characteristics. I think the act of seeking revenge says more about a person’s level of self-esteem than them parading around proud to be a size 2.

3. That you are stuck in the past. – I realize harsh words and actions can stay in our minds for a long time but handling the situation in this manner won’t make you feel any better.

I could understand if we were talking about the family of someone who lost a loved one to murder (or some other scenario where a specific  individual(s) was responsible for loss of life). I think vengeful thoughts against the person to blame would be a natural reaction for even the most docile individual. However, I still think that acting upon these thoughts would be a mistake and that the act of revenge will never heal a persons hurt.

It just sickens me that shows like this, as well as so many others that feed on negativity, are on TV.

I would never be able to stomach watching a show where all the person is doing is being self-absorbed and nasty to their family because they have a big head about the fact that they are getting married. This whole idea of “It’s my day, I am royalty, worship me”. Um no idiot, it is a special day for you and your groom and ideally you should be thankful that not only there is a man out there that wants to be with you for the rest of his life (poor sap) but that you have family and loved ones that want to share in your joy.

Or how about the show that is literally just girls being awful to each other  in competition to be the most terrible person.  I mean really?! Why do these shows exist??

In fairness I acknowledge (as I have previously) that reality TV is not real. Most of this nonsense is staged, I get that. What I don’t get is why anyone would agree to go along with it. Money is my guess which is a sad reason indeed.

I also acknowledge that my rant is easily resolved by choosing not to watch the afore mentioned shows. Clearly I choose not to but even just overhearing a conversation about one put me in a bad mood to the point of creating this post. It just shows that negativity breeds negativity, another good reason to avoid garbage like this in the first place.