genuinely united for a moment in time

I am “small-sitting” this morning. Yesterday when my family was over for dinner I made the mistake of saying “baby-sitting” in front of my three-year old niece (the sittee in this baby-sitting equation). She got all up in arms letting me know she is not a baby, she is a small girl (not a big girl either, a small girl). Well in that case, most humble apologies indeed.

I got up early this morning for the forty five minute drive to my parent’s house from the city, I took the back roads since I was going to be early anyway. I love morning drives. I love the way the trees and buildings look in the morning light. I don’t love it as much when I am driving east, as I was this morning, but it is still quite pretty even while I am being blinded.

I was driving along enjoying my morning coffee and listening to the morning radio shows. I go between 104.1, 96.5 and 106.7 in the morning. 96.5 is my favorite if it is before 9am because they are reporting the news, after 9am it is republican talk radio shows. I also like 104.1 as a rule throughout the day but the host of the morning show drives me a bit nuts because he is uninformed and is constantly spewing out misinformation that he did not verify. My favorite radio personality joined their show like 6 months ago though so it has become more bearable.

I almost forgot that today is September 11th until 96.5 started covering the memorial taking place in New York. 8:46 was the moment of silence. Whenever something tragic like 9/11 happens for the years to follow everyone is able to remember exactly what they were doing the moment they heard. In fact, I bet even as you read this you are thinking about where you were when you heard the news. My Mom tells  the story of when President Kennedy was assassinated and when space shuttle challenger exploded. For my generation it is events like 9/11 and Columbine. Although I do remember what I was doing when I found out about 9/11 that is not where my brain returns to each year on the anniversary. I remember a night or two after 9/11 we were at my Uncle’s house and I was watching coverage on the news. There was this higher up, a CEO or something, from one of the companies that had offices in one of towers crying on the news. He was talking about how many employees they lost and his grief was palpable, every time I think of him and the grief he was feeling I get a knot in my throat. I also think of how for the first time in my entire life our country felt truly United. I remember the flags hanging out of everyone’s car windows and from the front of every house. For a moment in time we all felt connected. It is unfortunate that it takes the worst to bring out our best.


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