Sleep Robber

Last night I got little sleep by no fault of my own, my book was holding me captive. I kept trying to put it down but then it would pull a fast one on me and 20 pages later I was still reading. Over and over this happened, Me: “Ok one more chapter” , My Book: “That’s what you think silly girl”. Then, BAM it was 2am. Of course when I finally was able to break free of my captor I was not able to just fall asleep, oh no my mind was still wide awake just ticking away.

I was thinking about the books I want to read next and how we need a new book shelf because we are running out of room on the ones we have. Then I started to go over my gratitude. My sister-in-law says this is our version of praying and I guess she is right. It’s what it sounds like, just taking time to remember to be thankful for everything. Sometimes it is just something I think about, sometimes Todd and I talk about it together, it keeps up grounded and grateful.

I did manage to drift off although I have no earthly idea what time it was. I do know that I felt wretched when I woke up this morning. Todd is being cute trying to say bye to me before he leaves for work and I have one eye open trying to focus on him. haha. Not cute. Needless to say I have been on a caffeine drip all day. This in itself poses a problem as I have a high sensitivity to caffeine, I have to drink half caf coffee or I start buzzing and shaking. I have been drinking iced half calf most of the day and have been wired. On the bright side it has been a hugely productive day.

I am excited it is Friday and we have no plans for once. A huge storm blew in this afternoon, black skies, thunder, lightening, the whole deal. Tonight I am looking forward to watching a movie on the couch with Todd and listening to the storm blow around outside. Nights like tonight are an introverts dream come true.


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