When the shoe fits

This weekend was a very successful one in terms of wedding planning. I am a bit of a reluctant planner you see, I don’t like dealing with details because I am more of a big picture person and anyone who has done this before knows wedding planning is ALL DETAILS. The situation is further complicated by the fact that I have never been a girl with a vision of my future wedding so we are having to figure out what we even want before we get started. There are a few things we both knew we wanted,

– To get married under a Live Oak-  Everywhere we go I am always pointing out and identifying the different trees we come across. Live Oaks are one of our favorites, not just for their beautiful sweeping branches but their history as well. Live Oaks live to be hundreds of years old, they will out live us all. And they are solid, have you heard the expression, “My word is stronger than oak”? Well they aren’t talking about Laurels I can tell you that much, that expression refers to Live Oaks. They are beautiful tree but there is so much meaning as well.

– Good Music- My one compulsion about the wedding, as I have previously mentioned. In my adult life I have spent upwards of 4K on concerts. As a result I have seen almost every band I could ever want to see live, in some cases multiple times. I realize that sounds like a lot but when you think about the money you spend on leisure/social activities and vacations throughout the course of your twenties it is probably comparable, I just spent mine on music. We did spring break at the beaches, we just went to the beaches Radiohead or Modest Mouse was playing near. We went out for drinks on the weekends, we just did it while seeing City and Colour or Cursive. I am may not have a real clear vision of my wedding yet but I can state with confidence, there will be good music.

– Quality photos and video- This is pretty self explanatory I think. Everyone has certain areas they think are “most important” (food, dress, decor, alcohol) to us, this is it. While we want everything else to be quality as well this is the one thing you keep forever.


This weekend we made headway in each of these areas. We have found our venue and are getting really excited now. We knew almost as soon as we got there. The true clincher was when we saw what will be our ceremony site. This venue has multiple options for ceremony areas, on a dock in the middle of the water, in a courtyard/garden area and in our case, out under 7 beautiful Live Oak trees over looking the water. That was it, it was the same feeling you get when you have met the person you are meant to be with or you buy your first house, that feeling of “the search is over, this shoe fits”. It is everything we wanted, it is as if it was plucked right from our heads. The entire property is gorgeous. They have multiple docks that are set off through the woods and end over the water, there is one that has a wooden swing at the end. There are horse stables, open fields and woods all around. Most importantly it is private, just like we want. This is about us and we want to keep things small and deeply personal, this allows us that.

We go back this week to lock everything down. I am elated.

We also started researching photographers this week. So far we have narrowed it to three and are in communication with them to see which is the best fit for us. Their images are stunning, they are each artists in their own right. I know we would be happy with any of the three.

I edited our music list for the millionth time this weekend as well and Todd started going through the choices with me, adding some, nixing others. I also managed to find a way to incorporate music we love but that we thought wouldn’t fit for a wedding. It will be one of those meaningful details if the day.

Todd and I agreed that we are both started to get really excited now that we can see everything coming together. We still have a ways to go as our wedding is not until next November (or October if some how our day was reserved over the weekend, however unlikely) but we have a lot more to do between now and then to keep us busy. After we lock in our date this week I will get in touch with the officiant I think we will use so we can meet her for coffee and chat. There is also the dress and all the girly stuff that comes along with wedding planning. I am starting to feel less overwhelmed by it all and more excited. The venue was a big piece of the puzzle, it all just feels like small potatoes from there. Well one potatoe at a time right?!


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