President’s List

I finished my last day of summer classes today and am excited to add that I am pretty sure I made the President’s list as I recieved straight A’s this semester. I am thankful to have a few weeks off to decompress before my next batch of classes begin. Thursday evening Todd and I depart for Chicago. I am looking forward to being away and all the bands we will see at Lollapalooza but one of our friends has decided not to go after all so I am sad we will be missing her company. However, we will be staying with her while we are in the city so we will still have opportunities to spend time with her.

I am really looking forward to just turning my brain off for a little while. I’ve been buzzing lately with school work and constant thoughts about the wedding, I just want quiet. I lave the few weeks between classes because it also gives me a rare chance to read for fun. I haven’t been reading novels as much as i usually do since being back in school because it distracts from my required reading. I have picked out World War Z. I bought it for Todd as a congratulatory gift after his recent promotion at work and since he just finished it I can start. He liked it a lot. I am sure I will too I am just hoping it is not too graphic as I have a very active imagination.

While in Chicago we are talking about staying an extra day after Lollapalooza to visit the zoo. Every time we visit the city we do something new (new to me at least as it is not my city). I love our days in the city together just the two of us. We wake up early in the morning and walk to the train station from our friend’s house. Then we ride with the morning commuters into the city. When we get to the main station in the city we have breakfast in a cafe and watch the sun rise through the buildings. It is beautiful.

Another exciting report, I have lost close to 10 pounds so far. I feel great. Who knew how big a difference it makes when you cut out a big portion of dairy and carbs. To clarify I have not completely cut out either, just limited my intake to specific things. No cheese but yes to low fat yogurt. No white bread, pasta etc but yes to small portions of brown rice and whole grain options. I have focusing mainly on veggie’s with meat on the side. I have also started jumping rope again, I love jumping rope. I make it a competition against myself to see how many times I can jump with messing up, I am always trying to increase my number.

I also went to my first bridal shop and tried on a few dresses. What I found, I do not like what I thought I liked. Funny how that works out. I had this idea in my head about what I thought would look good on me and then after trying on a few dresses discovered a completely different style that I liked better. I have a ways to go until I am ready to dress shop in full force but it certainly gave me something to think about.

Today I am going to clean up around the house a bit, do some laundry, and bake some fish for dinner. It’s nice to have a day to relax. Tomorrow I will start packing for Chicago and I am going with my parents in the afternoon to look at a possible wedding venue. Then we will have one more day until we leave. What a busy summer it has turned out to be.

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