Time to move

The closing on the house is scheduled for tomorrow at 10. It’s funny how something can seem so far away and then in an instant it is upon you. I am excited to have it done. I started packing two weeks ago and at this point our entire home is filled with packed boxes. Although I am glad the work is done so I am not trying to pack at the last minute it makes the house feel cold. Even as I sit here at my desk I feel so uninspired. All of my beautiful art, my books, my notebooks, flowers, picture frames all gone. Packed in some sad looking brown box.  I have been avoiding my reading room since I packed it up. Even with all of its windows and pretty natural light it feels cheerless.

Well anyway, here I sit. Even though this room is far less stimulative than before I can’t help but day-dream about the weeks to come. Tomorrow after closing we are going to Sherwin Williams to pick up the paint for our master bedroom and bath as well as the guest room. I have chosen Mindful Gray for our bed and bath and Rain Washed for the guest room. Most importantly though, I have gotten Todd’s seal of approval on both. (This can at times be tricky as Todd lacks the imaginative/creative gene at times). After we get all the necessary supplies we will go to the new house and start taping the walls to prepare for the paint party on Saturday. I can’t wait. I love painting anyway but having company while doing so makes it that much more fun. Over the course of the next two weeks we will move all the boxes over and then at the end of the month we rent a Uhaul to move the furniture.

I am eager to get everything set up and feeling like home. I don’t like the transition period where everything is undone and feels upside down.


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