It Helps to turn on the news

I have always volleyed back and forth between watching the news regularly to not paying much attention at all. It’s a difficult balance because I do not believe in being an ostrich, just burying my head and being uninformed, but at the same time I have a real problem with the media and how they deliver the message. My compromise is usually reading select articles on-line and watching programs like 60 minutes. Today it caught up with me. Hugo Chavez apparently died earlier this month and I have been so out of the loop that I am just now hearing about it. I know he had been diagnosed with cancer a few years ago I just hadn’t heard much more about it since then. I am very curious what this means for Venezuela. I texted my ex who I still occasionally keep in touch with today. He grew up in Venezuela and still has family there. He said the Vice President follows Chavez’s antics and is similar to him politically speaking so this isn’t necessarily a good thing for the country. I guess what I find so surprising is that is was something so everyday that took his life. Cancer, ordinary people get cancer. Ordinary people beat cancer. Throughout history you hear about all these infamous dictators that were murdered in a coup or by another countries army or by firing squad or even suicide. Its always something so violent much like the rule they had over their people. Chavez dying on cancer just reminds me that this man was not above nature and genetics, it shows his humanity in a way. He was not as invincible as he would have liked to think.

Man that’s just so crazy. I am mad at myself for being out of touch. I get annoyed with the media because they can be sensationalists and fear mongering but I still need to stay informed. Shame on me.