I have been off this week for spring break but this is the first time in a while that I have had the time to just sit and be quiet. I guess I am wishful thinking on the “be quiet” part as I am watching my parents pug for two weeks, she doesn’t understand what quiet is. She is barking at me as we speak because I won’t share the cold pizza I am having for breakfast. Tough luck for both of us I guess.
This semester has been a frustrating one thus far. I am in two sociology classes, Social Problems and Cultural Pluralism, then  I have an intro to Anthropology and Statistics. The statistics class is hard for me, math classes always are, but the Social Problems class has become the biggest pain! In an attempt to make life easier for herself in terms of grading the professor has assigned one big project for the semester that counts for both the mid-term and the final exam. We do not have tests in this class just a few other small writing assignments so this project is essentially our entire grade. That is not my gripe though, oh no, I can handle a research paper and presentation no problem. My complaint is with it being a GROUP PROJECT. Who assigns a group project in college? This has felt like middle school but worse . In middle school most kids had at least one parent that was active in their schooling keeping them on track, in college its a damn free for all. And that is exactly what this has been. My group members do not participate online leaving me with zero feedback on the work I am doing for the project, they wait until the day something is due to start working on it.. When I am assigned something whether it be at work or school I start working on it that same day. I am not saying I rush to complete it immediately if it isn’t due for two weeks but I don’t wait two weeks to start it! I ended up involving the instructor just to find out I am not the only one in this position. Their are 6 groups all of which are comprised of one person that seems to be doing all the work and two other people that are non-responsive. After receiving a zero or two for not participating my groups members came around, I cant say the same for some of the other groups though. It has been a very trying experience.It stinks too because I actually feel very strongly about our topic. We are conducting our research around bullying. It has been easy for me to want to work on this project because I feel so strongly about it and find it very interesting.

Luckily we are to the point that all our research has been submitted and all that is left to do is compile the actual paper and create a power point presentation.

So far in the semester I am looking at two A’s, a B and either a low C or a high D (statistics is no joke). I know I will be able to pull up my stats grade though.

Todd’s parents stayed with us for a week while I have been on spring break. They left earlier this morning. It was nice having them here. We went to St Pete beach last weekend. It was cold but it was still pretty. After dinner there was a fire work display on the beach. The next day we got up and went to a spring training baseball game. I cant watch baseball on TV but it is fun to go to a game. It was the Toronto Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies. The Blue Jays won. There was a cute downtown area that was having a crafts festival near by so we went there for lunch and walked around a bit. That night we went to a movie once we were back in town. Sunday we went to my parents house for dinner and games. It was full weekend.

My parents are in Washington right now helping my brother and his family move back to FL. This is why I have the dog. They will be back in a little over a week. I am so excited they will be living here now. It has been 10 years since my brother left for the army, I am glad he kept his promise and is coming home. I cant wait to play with my niece and nephew. It is going to be fun having them close by to do things with.



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