Is this tea or hot cool-aid?

It is the day before we fly out and I am excited, nervous, bored.. Well maybe not so much bored as having a lot of nervous energy and NOT having a lot to do for the next few hours until people start getting home.

So let me tell you, getting 4 suitcases into a small car by yourself while making sure not crush the Christmas gifts that are also in the car is not an easy task. I like to think that I do things myself and “I dont need a man to open the pickle jar for me”, blah blah but as I was attempting to lift a 50 pound piece of luggage by myself into the trunk I found myself missing Todd. Needless to say I have been at my parents house for two hours and have not gotten around to unloading the car.

On my way out of the city I agreed to stop by the tea shop in our neighborhood and pick up some loose tea for Todd to give his mother as a stocking stuffer. I love loose tea, in most cases I enjoy it much more than a normal bag of tea. In turn I love picking out loose tea. There were so many to choose from it was very difficult to make a decision. I ended up not making a decision, not really anyway. I chose three different flavors. I figure this way he can give two to his mother and we can keep one! He gave me forty dollars and I can only assume he knows tea does not cost forty dollars so this also leaves me to assume he intended on me spending the majority of his forty dollars. Don’t worry, I didn’t spend forty dollars on tea. I mean, that would be ridiculous. I spent thirty, a much more practical number. 😉
So of course when I arrived at my parents house I needed to sample the goods to make sure I bought quality products. So far, unimpressed. One thing that I usually like about loose tea in comparison to tea in a bag is that you can actually get fruit tea that tastes decent. This is not the case with the Citrus Sunset I purchased. I am literally drinking warm cool-aid ladies and gentleman. Yet, I continue to drink in order not be wasteful, it wasn’t cheap. I have decided this one will not be one we give to Todd’s mother. Mother Baxter will only have the finest tea and this one does not qualify. It’s very disappointing. I had a loose leaf Citrus Lavender once that was divine. It was a hard one to get over when I finished it. Drinking the last cup was like when I read the last page of Watership Down. I just kind of sat there feeling like, “Well what now?” *Sigh*
Well I still have the Organic Mandarin and the Ginger Peach to try. I would definitely put some money on the Ginger Peach being good.

I found a blog yesterday that I love. The blog is called Single Dad Laughing. It is written by a single dad, who I believe to be bi-sexual, and it is a good one. Everything I have read so far falls right in line with my core belief which is being a good person means showing love and respect to everyone without exception. If you choose to check it out my suggestion is starting with the entry Dog Bite and the Family Upstairs. That entry is great example of things not always being what they seem and trying to remember not to jump to judgement when possible.

Update and Discharge

The semester is over and I am ready to let my brain unwind a little. I feel like for the last so many months my brain has been taking in one big breath and unable to release. With studying and everything I have learned it’s been like breathing in with out being able to breathe out because I had to be careful not to let go of any of the information. So now I am allowing myself to finally exhale.

Final Update on classes, ended up in a good place with grades, got an A on my last Math test! I don’t think I have ever received an A on a Math test, that was great. With the exception of Astronomy I cannot say I will miss any of my classes. I will miss Astronomy very much though. I hope I am able to retain the information I learned in that class, it was so interesting. That class, that Professor (Mr Litka), really impacted me. I had more than one really mind blowing moment in his class. I am sad to see that one end.

I am incredibly excited to have 3 weeks to read a book that is in no way related to school!! I chose The Snow Child for winter break. It is definitely easy reading but written very well. I am enjoying the characters. My favorite part so far though is how the author describes the setting.. It’s not over done, too much description can almost ruin a book because you are not left to use your own imagination at all. The way she described the first snow fall, how completely silent and peaceful it was.. It made me feel very relaxed and at ease like I was there in the cabin with the old woman. It made me long to know what that feels like, to watch the snow fall silently.

Oh I hope so desperately that it snows in Illinois when we visit. I must admit I will be a bit heartbroken if it does not. I cant think about that though.

So even though I don’t really have the words, I feel like I must say something about the terrible tragedy that took place in Connecticut this week. There was a mass shooting at an Elementary school leaving 27 people dead, 20 of which were children. It happened Friday, my first day off from school. I woke up late that morning thinking how I would pick up a little and then read and listen to music and maybe even do some art. When I turned on the TV though I was sucked in and other than some light straightening up, I did nothing but listen in horror.
So many things bother me about it.. I was telling Todd when he came home that night that I felt the same shock over this that I felt on 9/11. You really cant compare the two incidents , I don’t feel like you can compare any form of tragedy to another, it was purely the shock that felt the same. It’s that feeling of something unimaginable actually happening. Never in my worst nightmare would I think that the events that took place on 9/11 would be part of our reality, our history. It’s sad but you hear about a mass shootings and it almost is beginning to feel common. If I had turned on the TV and heard that there was a school shooting I would still feel the same heartache you feel when this kind of thing happens but for it to be an Elementary school.. I just don’t think that anyone could have ever imagined that our children would ever be targets in this way.
There has been so much publicity and people taking their well wishes and opinions to FB, I almost cant stand it. Its becoming a gun control issue and a religious issue and a mental health issue.. I am not saying that I don’t agree with some of this but I just feel like sometimes the best thing to do is be quiet. Be respectful. Don’t make this child’s death or that child’s death a sudden platform for you to scream about your beliefs. There are a lot of families hurting out there right now and I feel like the best thing the rest of us can do is silently mourn with them. I have taken to avoiding FB and the news for the last few days until the dust settles. One thing I did see that runs parallel to my feelings on all of this was something Morgan Freeman said. He was talking about how the news sensationalizes tragic events such as this one and gives so much attention to the gunmen. An example he used is how Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris (s/p) are names everyone recognizes but no one can name one of their victims. He said the best thing anyone can do is turn off the news and forget that you ever heard the name of the shooter. Well said.

I don’t think I have anything that can follow with and seem at all important so this will be it. I leave for IL this week and doubt I will post much while I am away. Keep your fingers crossed with me for snow!