Anything is possible.

Last Sunday was science and philosophy day in the Baxter-Pieper household. It started when we watched this video from
What’s interesting is, though Todd and I both agreed that in theory this makes sense and agree that the technology should be made available, ultimately we did not think it would be taken advantage of.

Although I personally believe that if people were suddenly living to 1000  significant advances in science and technology would be occurring faster than any other time in history. Look at the advancements in technology in the 21st century vs. the 19th century.. People were living longer. Einstein was never able to finish his greatest work, what if he had been able to? What if age was no longer a factor? I dont think that safe space travel would be such an absurd idea. What if the advancements in space travel were so great that we could safely travel at the speed of light? The next closet star is approx. 4.25 LY away, I don’t see how that is much different than when the early settlers came to America from Europe. They really had no idea what to expect and at first it was very difficult and many lives were lost but look what came from their sacrifice.

I could hypothesize all day long about the things that could be accomplished if time running out on someone’s life was no longer an issue but I digress on that. So some reasons we came up with that this technology will probably not be used for a very long time, if at all, are as follows..

Over crowding, as Dr. Aubrey stated. I do think there would be a long term solution for that but probably not a short term one so that could pose a real dilemma. Because of overcrowding strict regulations could be put in place about the amount of children a family could have, similar to the laws currently in place in China. For that matter, the whole idea of even having children could turn into a lottery system. Your number isn’t pulled, no baby for you. Who knows.

Also, there would be no more debate over whether or not there should be a death penalty. What choice would we have? Prisons in the US already deal with over crowding. Either they would have to loosen the laws so it would take more to put someone in jail/prison to begin with, potentially causing increased crime rates, or they would have to lower the standard on what can get you the death penalty. You molested a child? Death.

Speaking of death, I would not be surprised if the suicide rate sky rockets too. I mean, 1000 years.. I don’t know, that’s a long time. I don’t think I need to hang around that long. I think I could get everything I want to get done in 600 easily. Anything past that would just be me waiting around for sweet release I am sure.

Another issue with overcrowding would arise when it comes time to bury the dead. What are we going to do with all these dead inmates we are killing and victims of suicide? Not to mention those who die naturally.. Mass burials? I’ve never been a big fan personally. I guess everyone is getting cremated. I mean any land we do have would be developed, no room for cemeteries. That’s always been my plan anyway so I don’t mind much on that.

I think a lot of these issues are short term problems like I said previously. I think in the long run things would catch up and everything would level out.

Guarantee though, that politics and religion, especially religion, will keep any of this from coming about for years. Seems to me there has always been a bit of lag time in advancements in the biology field. Poor guys always have someone breathing down their backs about ethics. “Cloning isn’t ethical, stem cell research inst ethical..” Pardon me if I respectfully disagree. Not going to even open that can of worms. Maybe they will get lucky this time and it wont take years upon years. Anything is possible right?

So, After we watched the Ted Talk we had another interesting conversation in the evening sparked by this 60 minutes segment we were watching. 60 Minutes

Here’s the thing, I don’t completely buy this study. I think it brings up interesting points but I think a lot of factors are being overlooked. I don’t believe, may be by no fault of their own, the results were attained without a level of bias..

I mean, do we know if there is a color that children tend to gravitate towards versus a color that most children seem to be neutral towards as far as the shirts they were putting on the stuffed animals? How about certain noises or facial expressions playing a role in their picks.. I don’t know, I am not saying that this wasn’t all legit, I am just a bit skeptical is all. Either way, it was interesting and does make you think. The second study that suggests that all humans have a built in predisposition towards bigotry  was really interesting in my opinion.

excuse any errors

First (and more than likely last) attempt to post from my phone. I am so stressed today. I have put a monumentous amount of pressure on my shoulders leading up to the last month of classes. Between papers, tests, not wanting to let friends down and worrying about next semester I have completely tied myself in a knot. Sometimes when I know I have a lot to do instead of stepping up like a I should I shrink back instead. I allow myself to get overwhelmed and instead of handling everything I choose not to deal with it at all. This of course does not make any of it go away. It just makes the anxiety that much worse when I do finally have to deal with it because I am then unprepared. My goal for the end of the semester was to raise each grade one letter.. I wonder if I am going to be able to follow through for once..

Looking around the corner

Never and I mean never in my life have I been able to see very far into my future. I have never felt certain of anything. Someone I am with is someone I am with for now. Something I am doing is something I am doing for now. I have always felt like whatever it is it won’t last. I realize this is a bit of a cynical tone for someone who claims to be so optimistic but allow me to further explain before branding me a hypocrite.

To begin with, up to this point I have been right. I think the reason I have felt this way is because I have never been truly content with where I am and where I think the particular path I was on would lead me. I have still given each endeavor my whole heart (whether it be work, relationships, etc) in attempt to prove myself wrong. Also because I would never start something if I felt that I could not see it through. It is usually somewhere in the middle that I begin realize this isn’t enough and I want more. Call me selfish maybe but not a hypocrite.

So to continue, I think this restlessness I have held on to has been what has allowed me to accept and be positive about the changes in my life. Because I have always felt, “this may be good for now but it is not good for always”, when things do inevitably come to an end I have been able to stay positive and move forward. In the end, all things good, bad and otherwise end. I mean it’s redundant to say but that is it as plainly put as possible. So although at first it may sound a bit gray if you look a bit deeper there is still yellow in there at the heart of it.

This is time is different. It’s funny because you would think that a change like this, changing my whole outlook on relationships, work, my future.. would be a bit scary. After all, I have felt the same way about these things for so long, to suddenly be in a position to challenge that and feel differently.. One would think it would be difficult to come to terms with. That is not all the case though. For the first time in my life I can see around the corner. I feel like I can really see where I am going. It like the lights have been turned on and the path is finally clear. (I got a mental picture of walking down the frozen aisle at Publix and all the freezer lights turning on as I walk past to light my way forward. haha)

It’s so nice to finally feel certain. For the first time I feel like I can be all in on something and know that I won’t lose everything. I saw two different academic advisers this week and have myself figured out for the next two semesters until I finish my AA. I am taking 4 classes next semester, Statistics, Social Problems, Cultural Pluralism and Anthropology. Over the summer I will take Psychology and English II and then I am done. I wanted to take all 6 classes next semester but unfortunately I could not make my schedule line up that way. This will be OK though. In January I apply to UCF and hopefully will be accepted to the Social Work program in the fall. Worse case scenario I am not accepted my first try which means I will go to UCF as a general major and take a few of the classes required in the program until the summer when I can reapply. All the while I will also be continuing to do volunteer work.

Once in the program the BA will take me two years but FABULOUS NEWS.. The Masters Program for my degree only takes a year! So all things going according to plan I will have my MSW in 3 years. All things not going according to plan, I will still get my MSW, the time frame will just be slightly extended.

I am so excited. I went from feeling stuck to having an attainable goal to work towards.

The other part of being able to see around the corner is with Todd. I can see our future so clearly. I think this is primarily because we want the same things and there is nothing about him that makes me worry. There is no “Well he will need to change this” going on. He is wonderful exactly as he is and we work so well.

It just feels so good for once to be able to focus on the present and not have to worry about what my next move is going to be. I know what I need to do and I know everything else will fall into place. Just being able to say those to words.. “I know”. I know something. I am no longer wondering, I know.